Cavalleria Toscana

Wear to be unique
Cavalleria Toscana means quality and attention to details, a fully functional and contemporary approach, high quality materials and one strong belief: that unique and timeless products can only be achieved taking the time to think and ponder each decision carefully. This is the philosophy of a company rooted in craftsmanship which stand for precision, creative research and above all a will to create objects rather than just garments. A Cavalleria Toscana outfit will never be affected by the cycles of fashion, it shall instead reveal with time all those small details which make it one of a kind and definitely worth dwelling in your wardrobe for a long, long time.
Cavalleria Toscana is an iconic brand, loved and appreciated by many international super star rides such as: Rolf Goran Bengtsson, Eric Lamaze, Janika Sprunger, Dirk Demeersman, Darragh Kenny and many others.
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Anna Scarpati

Anna Scarpati is world renowned for their quality workmanship and quality materials. Anna herself takes particular care over each piece which is hand made by her skilled crafts people in Italy. Each piece is designed specifically for each client and can then be embroidered with initials or logos to finish the personalised piece. Every product is tailored taking care of details and looking at the best fabrics and ornaments. Rugs, saddle pads, fly fringes and beautiful stable accessories are available in different color combinations.



Logo storico Sarm HippiqueSarm Hippique

One of the most sought after breeches in Europe, Sarm Hippique Italian style is evident throughout the range.
Elegance, style, individuality, technology and particular attention to all details: these are features of a totally Italian made product signed from Sarm Hippique. It’s only due to the great efforts of their founders that the company has become in just few years a premier brand in the international equestrian market.


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