Cavalleria Toscana

Wear to be unique
Cavalleria Toscana means quality and attention to details, a fully functional and contemporary approach, high quality materials and one strong belief: that unique and timeless products can only be achieved taking the time to think and ponder each decision carefully. This is the philosophy of a company rooted in craftsmanship which stand for precision, creative research and above all a will to create objects rather than just garments. A Cavalleria Toscana outfit will never be affected by the cycles of fashion, it shall instead reveal with time all those small details which make it one of a kind and definitely worth dwelling in your wardrobe for a long, long time.
Cavalleria Toscana is an iconic brand, loved and appreciated by many international super star rides such as: Rolf Goran Bengtsson, Eric Lamaze, Janika Sprunger, Dirk Demeersman, Darragh Kenny and many others.
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Anna Scarpati

Anna Scarpati is world renowned for their quality workmanship and quality materials. Anna herself takes particular care over each piece which is hand made by her skilled crafts people in Italy. Each piece is designed specifically for each client and can then be embroidered with initials or logos to finish the personalised piece. Every product is tailored taking care of details and looking at the best fabrics and ornaments. Rugs, saddle pads, fly fringes and beautiful stable accessories are available in different color combinations.



Logo storico Sarm HippiqueSarm Hippique

One of the most sought after breeches in Europe, Sarm Hippique Italian style is evident throughout the range.
Elegance, style, individuality, technology and particular attention to all details: these are features of a totally Italian made product signed from Sarm Hippique. It’s only due to the great efforts of their founders that the company has become in just few years a premier brand in the international equestrian market.



 Our History

EquiFit, inc. is a Massachusetts-based company which designs and manufactures technologically advanced products for top riders and horses throughout the world.

Founder and President, Alexandra Cherubini, graduated from Bates College, and shortly after she sought a way to combine her career with her love of horseback riding. Within a few months, EquiFit’s first product was born: ShouldersBack™. ShouldersBack is now being marketed to riders as well as non-riders, through HSN and health and beauty outlets, and was featured in an exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art in recognition of its outstanding function and design. The success of the product encouraged Alexandra to develop a line of products for the equine and equestrian based on a material called T-Foam™, a shock-absorbing material that conforms to each horse’s body for a custom fit, every time.

The EquiFit product line has grown immensely over the company’s 15 years. A solid foundation of material intuition and product design is the heart of EquiFit’s success. From the T-Boot Series to the D-Teq Boot line, the T-Sport Wraps to the GelCompression Therapy line, EquiFit continues to raise expectations by pairing innovative designs with highly advanced materials.


Our Mission

We are ambassadors for equestrians and equine athletes alike.

It is our love of horses, as well as our experience in the ring, in the barn and on the road that drives every idea and influences every decision we make. But we also see the big picture, as we are the trainers, grooms, managers and owners as well. We know exactly what’s at stake.

We believe in innovation. We are constantly seeking new ideas, technology and ingenuity. We continuously adapt premium innovations in healthcare and fitness and translate them for our horses and riders.

In this sport, we all share a love for the outdoors. At EquiFit, we do our part to protect the planet by always making environmentally conscience choices. Wherever possible, we minimize packaging and opt for natural solutions.

We’re committed advocates and fans. We promise to honor the riders, the horses, and the integrity of our sport. It is our mission and our passion to develop and produce products of the highest quality that will help horses and riders succeed at every level.

And we do it all right here at home. While our inspiration from the field comes from our riders, managers and grooms, we’re extremely proud that nearly every EquiFit product is conceived, prototyped and produced in Dedham, Massachusetts, USA. The real work gets done by our team of researchers, engineers, designers, and skilled craftsmen and women. Together we produce products that you can trust. When you buy EquiFit, you can rest assured your purchase is made with top-quality materials by highly skilled hands, in a fair and ethically sound working environment.


Our Technology

ImpacTeq™ Technology

ImpacTeq is designed to absorb extreme impact. Taking cues from protective footwear, sports and military equipment, ImpacTeq features a revolutionary foam that firms to a protective shield upon impact. Below the defensive foam is a multi-dimensional air mesh that promotes airflow and circulation, helping to keep the body cool. The two layers mold to the body for a secure and custom fit. ImpacTeq is antimicrobial, breathable, easy to wash and quick to dry. ImpacTeq Technology is utilized in many of our items including ImpacTeq Liners (paired with D-Teq™ Boots), Bandage Liners, CrownPad™, and the ImpacTeq Half Pad™.
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