CF Equestrian Style means classic styling, high quality and the latest design for riders and horses.
We choose our brands looking at technical features, high quality fabrics and of course the best design. Everything we offer is customized to fit horses and riders needs and to help them reach their performance goals. We have tested every product we are selling, so you can have complete confidence in every purchase. All of our suppliers offer fine handcrafted products, 100% Made in Italy with natural fabrics, excellent quality and inspiring styles. Some of our products are customizable following the riders requirements. You can create a complete collection, from your show shirt to the complete range of stable accessories, using your favorite colours and even your name or logo.

Where to find us
You will find our mobile shop in the main competitions throughout NSW, VIC, ACT and QLD. Have a look at our show calendar. Our mobile shop is also available for appointment and customized meeting for groups of client. We will be glad to join you at your stable and show our products while drinking a good cup of coffee. Otherwise we can plan a meeting at our warehouse.



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